Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Will Not Be Competitive, but I will participate

Pattern Stash 2012

Woo! Hoo!  I have entered my second contest. I was an idiot with the first one--The One Yard Contest when I made the fabric scrap bear and failed to link in my badge for entering. Though my plate is pretty full, I have decided to enter. I know I won't win, but I can be involved.

Maternity sewing is done for now. I just finished but have yet to take a photo of the new, Green Pepper, wave bag. I like it EXCEPT for the handles. I was supposed to use webbing and I used fabric. Pinned on, the canvas fabric looked good, but sewn--not so much. It's OK, though, since it's just a bag. I can make it prettier another day. The first time I sew anything is a learning curve for me.

So, the pattern stash contest starts at midnight. I am sure there are those who will start sewing immediately. I cannot. I have my first of three certification exams next Saturday. I will be glad when they are over and I hope and pray that I pass each of them easily. I have been and will continue to prepare, but I also have to keep myself sane through sewing. Sewing is good for me. Something about the tactile contact with texture and the expression of creativity calms my soul. I must have been designed to sew. I have yet to pick my patterns. Perhaps I should do that now. My cranium is full of too many facts for me to do anything else at the moment.

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