Saturday, January 29, 2011

January 2011

OK, so January has come and is nearly gone, and I am just slightly closer to my goals. I started off 2011 with a new calendar. In fact, I got a Daytimer with daily double pages for entering all kinds of stuff. I really thought that logging in the calendar would create some form of accountability that would help me stay on track. Well, the thought was good, but there was something missing with the follow-through.

I do have one goal that I am sticking with: I have decided to walk 2011 miles in 2011. To do so, I have to walk 5.5 miles every day. Though I do try to schedule regular exercise time, I get most of my mileage from "purposeful walking". I define "purposeful walking" as the steps that I take throughout my workday that are above and beyond what I would normally encounter. For example, I park far away from the building so I am forced to walk further into work. I use my old step counter to give me some idea of how far I have progressed. On most "bad" days, I get in at least 3 miles. On the good days, I am around 5 miles, and on the exceptional days, I have logged over 6 miles. To date, I am over 100 miles. I need to pick it up just a bit, but I am really not too far off track.

So, with temperatures today in the 70's, outside I go. Goal for today: 7 miles.