Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I have been crazy sewing like a fiend. First, I made most of what I wore to the 44th Annual Wound Ostomy Continence Nurse Annual Convention in Charlotte, NC. The only RTW clothing items (besides bras, undies, and socks) I took with me were 2 pair of capris and 1 pair of jeans. Everything else was sewn by ME!! I made (and wore) 3 maxi dresses and multiple t-shirts. I loved wearing the maxi's. They fit well, looked good, and were very simple to put on and off. Plus, on the plane, they were major comfortable.

This week I am sewing maternity for my oldest daughter. I found the Megan Nielsen patterns online and purchased 5 of them. I began with the ruched skirt, though the photo does not do it justice:

I took the photo with the skirt lying on a piece of contrasting fabric. Hanging on a hanger, it just looked like black fabric hanging on a hanger. Though a medium in size, the skirt sure looks small and skinny to me. Good thing my daughter isn't very big.

Here are the two ruched t-shirts I made for her:
I think they both are wonderful. The first is a forest green textured knit that came from my stash. Originally, I used the fabric to make my daughter's Poison Ivy Halloween costume when she was in high school. Since the color is great on her, I know she will be pleased. The brown top is made of a jersey knit that she picked out. It's the same pattern with short sleeves. I am concerned that a medium will be too big, but we shall see. If so, I will make a small next time. Plus, if it is too big, I figure she won't wear them until the last trimester, so they will make "new" shirts during the final couple of weeks.

Back to the sewing machine. I took the day off from work, but don't seem to be accomplishing much.

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