Sunday, May 8, 2011

Sewing Again

Well, so far my sewing experience has been a bust. I wanted to make my own clothes but never could get the patterns or fabric to work for me. Thank God for daughters. My eldest put me back on the right track without any effort on her part (and total effort on mine).

My eldest daughter is getting married in June. Thank God she did not ask me to sew the wedding dress or the bridesmaid's dresses. She did ask me to sew out of town bags. After much research (known as Googling), I came up with a cute idea for black and white bags. I wanted to use up my sewing stash, but did not have the right colors. The idea of "girlie" floral print bags just didn't appeal to me even though I had tons of fabric. So, off to the store I went and came home with 4 yards of black twill and 4 yards of black and white print. I figured I would make 12 bags. Thankfully (subtle sarcasm), my daughter wants 19 bags.

Here I am on Mother's Day sewing bags. So far, I have finished 7--only 12 more to go!!