Saturday, September 22, 2012

Baby's doing good

     I have continued to sew for the pregnant daughter, but as she enters her 3rd trimester, I begin to sew for the baby, too. Here's my first creation:  the baby bunting. I found this fleece at Hancock's for $6 last week and thought it would be perfect for a newborn. The hood is lined with heavy, tan fleece. I debated about lining the whole thing, but since it was the first time I used the pattern, I opted to start slowly with a single layer. You can't see, but the sleeves end with fold over plackets that create mittens. I found an orange zipper in my stash that matched perfectly. Final cost:  $7. I wanted owls, but didn't find anything that could serve boys or girls well. Will keep watching.

     So, today I have an animal print maternity top to finish (the Megan Nielsen ruched top). I mailed out a care package Tuesday for the daughter and wait for feedback on the wool skirt. I have another piece of wool plaid and a navy pinstripe that I'd like to turn into pants for her. I want to make sure the hipline is correct BEFORE cutting the material, though.

     I should be sewing for me, but I cannot seem to jump start myself. I have plenty of patterns, fabric, and time, but when it comes to stopping, choosing, fitting, cutting, and sewing for myself, I'm a bit of a dud. I joined this online community and agreed to sew my own clothes for a year--that began Sept 1. So far, I have made a black t-shirt with black, knit pants and a fleece jacket. What I really need is undies since my undie drawer is nearly empty. Do I sew panties that take next to no time or fabric? Of course not. I'm looking at slacks, tops, jackets, even camisoles and cardigans (and I never wear those things). My social outings are usually limited to work, work, work, and the grocery store. Not exactly a couture world that I run in. OK, here's the promise:  Today I will cut out at least ONE thing for myself and complete it before September runs out. OK--help me stay honest and on track.

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