Sunday, April 25, 2010

So many patterns; so little time.

OK, so I got up early this morning and decided that I would get a jump on my new wardrobe. First, though I had to mop the kitchen floor because the little dots that develop overnight when we are asleep were driving me crazy! I have thoroughly convinced myself that the garden gnome comes in during the night and drips gnome juice all over my floor, because when I ask my husband what happened and who made the floor so dirty, it isn't him. Now, I have a habit of losing things, but I am far from forgetful. Drips on the floor I would definitely remember. So, it has to be the garden gnome. Maybe he conspires with the two dogs . . . .

After the floor was mopped, I cooked dinner. Tried a new recipe for pulled chicken cooked in the pressure cooker. The pressure cooker is my new found love. I just had to have one two years ago and fortunately had a coupon to Linens and Things (before they went out of business). I purchased the thing on sale and with a coupon!! (Woo! Hoo!) but was afraid to use it. I remember horror stories from my grandma about women who were horribly burned with the thing exploded. Worse yet, they ended up cleaning chicken off the ceiling for months! So I could not get the courage to cook with the lid on--though I did use it as a large saucepan, which is really silly because that makes it the most expensive saucepan in my kitchen--possibly the entire neighborhood. Anyway, thanks to my wonderful friend, Janice, who cured me of my fears over the phone. Now, I use it religiously and love the way I can make a major meal in an hour or less.

Once dinner was cooked, it was time to walk. Sunday has been designated as my Big Walk day, so I headed out for a 5 mile walk through the neighborhood. Today has been a beautiful day with puffy white clouds in an endless blue sky. My walk would have been perfect if there were curbside bathrooms in residential areas. I scurried home with my knees locked together, refusing to sneeze for fear of a flood of epic proportions. Thank goodness, I made it home and the first bathroom is just on the other side of the garage door. My architect was a genius!

Walking made me sweaty, so a quick shower was in order. Unfortunately, the warm water on tired muscles resulted in delusions for napping. To quiet the urge, I stretched out on the bed and talked on the phone for an hour. I must admit, though, I do feel energized and ready to go.

So my dilemma: what do I want to sew? I have a trip coming up in June that I need new clothes for and would love to wear items that I have made. I sit here and look at the pattern stash and become overwhelmed. I have such cute possibilites to choose from. Maybe I should start with the fabric that I want to use and work backward to an appropriate pattern.

My fabric stash is almost as bad as my pattern stash. I have leopard silky, Hawaiian print, cotton, knit, camouflage, spandex, denim, and suiting. OK, back to what do I need?

Graduation is in 3 weeks, and I have a summer dress that will work fine. I need to purchase shoes (the satin pink slippers with the rhinestone flower that I bought to go with the dress is just a bit over the top for such a serious occasion), but that can wait until next weekend when I am getting my hair cut and styled, too. So, nothing to sew for graduation.

That brings me back to two places: work and the pending trip. I have a gorgeous cotton knit that would make a lovely summer tank top-style dress. I cannot remember when I washed this fabric. I think I did that in the fall when I was going to make long sleeved t-shirts. Just to be sure, I will run the fabric through the washer first.

OK, choice is made. Off to wash and cut out I go. Isn't sewing fun?

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