Thursday, March 7, 2013

Too many projects. Too little time.

I am a good person. I am organized, thrifty, and very, very busy. I, also, have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew. I make a list of projects that require more time than I really have available; then I get behind; and then something (like illness) gets ahold of me and I go farther and farther behind. That's where I have been so far this year. I had a lot of projects planned for others that became sidetracked when the grandbaby came. Before I knew it, January was gone. The list carried over to February, and I got sick. Before I knew it, February was gone. Now we are into March. Hopefully, I will stay well and productive. That's the plan, anyway.

My little sewing business is chugging along. I don't sew to make an income, I sew for others because I like to sew. Non-sewers don't realize what it takes to sew bags or quilts, and they often have ideas that I really don't know how to do. Thank God for the Internet and the thousands of people out there who are smarter and more talented than I. I can search their brains through their blogs and come up with fabulous end results. Thank you, All.

Currently, I am caught up. I just delivered the two wine bags yesterday:
 I made them different since the ladies who ordered them work in the same department; I didn't want them to be confusing. One of the women requested a car bag to hold receipts, trash, etc. I used the scraps to create this:

The gaping pocket is for receipts. I put pockets on both sides:  one is for pens and the other is a small pocket for the cell phone, change purse, sunglasses, etc. I think it's very functional and a good use of scraps. There is no interfacing for stiffness. Instead, I made 2 layers with the inner lining 5/8" seams and the outer layer 1/4" seams. By using the two sizes for the seaming, the inner lining pulls the outside up and inward and makes it stand up straight. The black trim is the edge flipped twice and sewn down. I did use a denim needle in my machine to prevent needle breakage. The cotton duck is very stiff when turned twice and sewn, so again I have a stiff edge to keep the bag open and functional. A tissue box and plastic grocery bag (as a trash bag) fits perfectly into the center pocket. and is very functional. My next order requested Velcro on the bottom to enable the bag to "stick" to the floor mats. I think that's a great idea and can't wait to see if it will work.

Now, back to sewing and quilting. I need to start another baby quilt in a ballet theme. I've decided to trim it with hand quilted ballet shoes. Should be fabulous!! Also, I need to cut and sew tops for work. I can never complain it's boring in my sewing room.

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