Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Promised Pictures

OK, so I promised to post pictures from the Simplicity pattern 4273. This is my practice top. I used knit instead of muslin to prevent waste and an additional trip to the fabric store.

I don't know if I mentioned, but there are no sewing stores in my town. There is a Hobby Lobby that has some limited fabrics, but not much that I would want to purchase for clothing. Their selection is mostly cottons for quilting and home dec fabrics. The nearest fabric store is about 20 miles away. I realize with modern transportation, this is really nothing; however, if I don't have to make the drive, I won't. Besides, I have so much material on hand, it seems silly to purchase more just to make a sample. Isn't that a waste of my precious sewing time, too?

The picture is pretty awful. I had taken it about 30 times and each one was worse than the previous one. I finally got so frustrated that I decided to just stop. So, this is the early morning look in the pink practice top. I gave up trying to take a picture in the lavendar dress. Though the hanger does not do it justice, it really looks nice on. It's a good summer look for me that basically cost me nothing since the material was straight from the stash.

Unfortunately, that was all I got to sew over my 4 days at home with the dog. I had such high expectations, but foolish things like dinner, groceries, laundry, and cleaning 7 years of crud off the kids' bathroom baseboards somehow became a priority. I think it has something to do with the eldest daughter's boyfriend coming to visit for a week in June. I don't want us to look like total slobs--just partial ones!

I did cut out a work t-shirt, but have not done anything else. Perhaps this week will be more productive.

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